When a person who lives at sea level vacations in the rocky mountains, you would expect

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32) When a person who lives at sea level vacations in the Rocky Mountains, you would expect 32) A) a drop in atmospheric oxygen levels. B) a rise in hematocrit. C) an increase in red blood cell production.

You are headed to Rocky mountain national park where you will find yourself surrounded by 300 miles of hiking trails, beautiful alpine lakes and outstanding views of the 14,259-foot Longs Peak. But how do you pack for Rocky Mountain National Park, a place where temperatures can fluctuate 35 degrees in one day?

In Denver, which is the "mile high" city, there is 17% less oxygen in the air than at sea level. At 8,000 feet, there is 25% less and at 14,000 feet about 40% less oxygen than at sea level. Even if you are in excellent physical condition, this really has no bearing on how you will acclimate to high altitude.

Skill Level: 3 Critical Thinking & clinical applications 31) A person who lives in a city at sea level and vacations in the Rocky Mountains would experience an increase in A) the number of platelets in the blood. B) the number of lymphocytes in the blood. C) red blood cell count. D) white blood cell count. E) the density of the bone marrow. Answer: C

Would you expect the air pressure in a valley that’s below sea level to be higher or lower than air pressure at sea level? I would expect it to be lower. What do the contour lines on a topographic.

None of us regulars here on the Colorado Forum would suggest that going directly from DIA to RMNP is the best option since you are coming from sea level. You would enjoy your visit to RMNP much more and be able to do more in RMNP if you could spend your first night either in Estes Park or at a lower elevation.

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