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Cartagena (Colombia) (AFP) – Colombia’s government and the leftist. The 2,500 expected attendees have been invited to wear white for the 70-minute ceremony. – FARC off blacklist – The European.

Cartagena is very hot and humid all year round. Try to wear cotton clothes, so that your skin can breath. No Polyester or black colors, or you will cook from the inside out. The clothes you use for Hawaii or Mexico are just fine. People in Cartagena and people in.

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Seven local designers share their favorite places to visit in Colombia.. the colorful streets in Cartagena’s Ciudad Vieja, Wear to Go: Mercedes salazar aqua full moon earrings.

Everybody had the same reaction. Colombia?’ they’d chirp, before giving a sagacious little nod. Perfect time to go, what with the news and that. Get in there early, before everyone else.

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What to Wear in Colombia. April and May/October and November: Cooler and rainier. The months in between can kind of swing either way, but you will get cooler temperatures in more mountainous cities like Bogot and Medelln, while coastal cities like Cartagena and Barranquilla will be hotter and more humid.

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CARTAGENA, Colombia – Colombia’s government and its largest rebel. negotiating teams crossed while taking their seats on the stage. All guests were told to wear white and Santos and Londono signed.

I grew up in Colombia and have vacationed in Cartagena my entire life. But the city today is a far cry from the one I knew as a kid. Until recently, it was a sleepy town suffused with enough languor.