What to buy in bogota colombia

COLOMBIA TRAVEL GUIDE - Things to do in BOGOTA - Budget Backpacking South America travel vlog Bogota is a cosmopolitan city, consisting of around eight million people concentrated in a valley across 613 square miles, making it the largest and most populated city in Colombia. Many people from all over the country (as well as foreigners from around the world) come to Bogot to look for better work opportunities or to study in prestigious.

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 · The real estate market in colombia operates differently than the real estate markets in the U.S. and other countries. And many real estate agents in Colombia don’t speak much English. So, it’s important to understand the real estate market in Colombia. And there are several things that real estate agents in Colombia may not tell you.

La Chamba pottery is one of the most uniquely Colombian things to buy in Bogota. Its black micacious clay is found only in central Colombia, in the village La Chamba, and it owes its color to the sediments of Magdalena River.

 · To buy medication in Colombia, all I did was walk into a big pharmacy, Supertienda Olímpica, and ask for a 6-month supply. They only had 3 months on hand, so they sent me to another nearby pharmacy for the rest. Boom. Done.

Bogota, Colombia’s capital, is a prime music destination. Insiders share tips on what else keeps this premiere south american city moving.

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Some of the items are even behind a vault door! The cost to enter is 3,000 pesos ($1), making it one of the cheapest things to do in Colombia! Visiting the gold museum in Bogota is a must 38. Try Aguardiente. This anise flavoured liquor is the most popular in Colombia (except in the Caribbean region where rum is the top choice).

This post gives advice on clothes and shoe shopping in Bogota – you might find it useful to read my post on what to wear in Bogota first! if you’re looking for souvenirs, gifts or flea market type shopping, my post on markets in Bogota may be useful. If you’re looking for books, the Librería Nacional and Panamericana are chain stores which you’ll find throughout the city.