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Best route for hiking the quilotoa loop day 1: Latacunga – Saquisil market – Sigchos -Isinliv. Most of the villages in the area hold a market once a week. We were about to start our trek when there was a Thursday market in Saquisil, so we didn’t want to miss that. The market of Saquisil is colorful, lively and a bit chaotic.

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Quilotoa Loop is a ring-shaped trail which connects remote villages in the high Andes in Ecuador in Cotopaxi region. You don’t need a guide or porter to hike Quilotoa Loop, but it is necessary to have some instructions before you set off.

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Quilotoa Loop 2 days – Quilotoa to Chugchiln. If you only have 2 days to do the Quilotoa Loop, we suggest you try not to cram too many activities into each day. On Day 1, do either of the suggested hikes from the previous section in and around the Quilotoa Crater. That night, stay at one of the hostels near the crater.

The Quilotoa loop Find out more Explore Book your trip Books Features Some 90km west of Latacunga and the Panamericana, in one of the most beautiful parts of the Andes, the isolated Laguna Quilotoa is a spectacular emerald-coloured crater lake.

The Quilotoa Loop is a difficult yet adventurous and fulfilling hike that takes you between many towns either starting at the crater lake at Quilotoa, or finishing there.. The beauty of hiking the loop is that at the end of each day you reach a new town, where you are able to stay in a comfortable and warm hostel that includes dinner and breakfast in the cost of your stay.

The Quilotoa Loop is a self-guided multi-day hike in the Andes mountains in Ecuador. It’s a must for many backpackers who want to trek in Ecuador (or Trekuador, a word I just invented).The hike either begins or ends at Quilotoa, Lake a stunning crater lake in the Cotopaxi province.

The Quilotoa Loop is a bumpy, ring-shaped road that travels from the Panamericana far into the backcountry of Cotopaxi province. Along the way you’ll encounter colorful indigenous markets, a crystal-blue lake that the local people believe has no bottom, a community of painters who are preserving.