Places to visit in denmark in winter

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With so many things to do in Denmark during the winter, it’s almost impossible to choose. From its royal palaces, fairytale Christmas villages, innovative museums, and annual music and design events, there’s something magical about visiting Denmark in the winter.

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Winter in Copenhagen. Cool, crisp and sometimes snowy days are part of the copenhagen winter experience. Always cool and beautiful, our city offers a wide variety of things to see and do – also in wintertime.

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Here are all of the best things to do in Copenhagen in winter! Table of Contents.. and we jumped on the chance to take a day trip from Copenhagen to visit them! Denmark was once a thriving monarchy with loads of enormous castles, one of which was even immortalized in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

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Denmark’s northernmost city, Skagen, is also the country’s main fishing port as well as one of the most popular places to visit in Denmark, attracting two million visitors annually. This charming village, with its scenic seascapes, long sandy beaches and fishermen, was popular with 19th century impressionist painters.

For lovers of literature, a visit to Odense, the hometown of master storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, is a must. Denmark’s eco-credentials are obvious throughout the land. In Copenhagen, the bicycle takes precedence over the car and is arguably the best way to explore this compact, picturesque city.

From Roskilde Festival to chilly winter swimming, get a taste of Denmark’s biggest and most unusual events. See event calendar; What to Do in Denmark in 2018. What to Do in Denmark: New Experiences, Sights, Food, Culture and More. See the list. How Denmark inspires hit TV show Vikings. Brush up on your viking trivia, and visit the places in.

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