One day in copenhagen

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Copenhagen DAY ONE | Everyday Este  Copenhagen in a Day: Where to Eat Torvehallerne. It’s hard to find a better foodie-stop for one day in Copenhagen than Torvehallerne. With over 60 stalls, Torvehallerne is the ultimate food market, offering everything from fresh fish to locally made products. I fell madly in love with Torvehallerne and the food options it has. Show up hungry.

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The Copenhagen Jazz Festival is held each July in Copenhagen. This balloon was used in one of the parades for the jazz festival. jazz musicians from around the world perform practically non-stop at Tivoli Gardens and around the city both indoors and outdoors. Many of the performances are free.

There is a lot to do in and around Copenhagen (and I’m going to have tons more posts, don’t worry!), but if you only have one day in Copenhagen, you can still cover a lot of ground.

The time flies and I am definitely feeling this guy, but he’s only in town for one more day, so we leave it on a casual note and agree to stay in touch about possibly meeting up downtown later. Before.

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If you are somewhere for one day only; or you have only one day time in a city you have not been there never before, there are always two questions to answer: what to see and how to do it.

With just one day to explore Copenhagen, focus on a few sights, the ones that interest you the most, and otherwise spend your day walking or biking around the Danish capital, strolling the shopping streets, and sampling the delicious cuisine.

This might be one for the first day. For another great view of the city, visit the Christiansborg Palace tower. At 106 metres it is the highest tower in Copenhagen and is free to access. Christiansbor.

Zetkin, a Marxist theorist and women’s rights activist, proposed the idea at an international socialist women’s conference in Copenhagen. The story is one of many from our blog that we’re highlight.