Long flight survival kit

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The 15 Items You Need to Survive a Long-Haul Flight OL: You don't want to be. around your head, like Dream Shields Sleeping Eye Mask Kit.

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Yup-long-haul flights aren’t pretty. But after making pretty much every mistake in the book, I’ve devised a survival strategy to help ease the pains of a long-haul flight. Bring a Survival Kit. A well-packed survival kit is a necessity for surviving a long-haul flight.

The long flight survival guide:. Apply a light moisturizer, particularly to the face, before getting on a long flight and throughout if your skin starts to feel dry. It’s amazing how much.

For anyone feeling intimidated by a 10+ hour flight, my survival guide for long- haul flights will get you through your flight and feeling like a champion.

I almost called this an “Airplane Survival Kit” but then I googled that and triggered all of my post-LOST flight.

In-Flight Survival Kit: Must-Haves for Long Flights:. Occupy your mind with something useful when you pack a puzzle book, reading book or magazines. If your flight is long, add a compact pillow, sleep mask, small blanket and ear plugs to your carry on. Then, get ready to relax and unwind.

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But those long, international flights can also take a toll on your body. For anyone feeling intimidated by a 10+ hour flight, there are a few tricks-of-the-trade that will get you through your flight and feeling like a champion. Here’s my survival guide for long-haul flights! pack smart for Long-Haul Flights

The In-Flight Survival Kit Alright, so first and foremost: my in-flight survival kit. I pack all of my must-haves in the small eagle creek packing cube (if you don’t use packing cubes, you must try them!), which is the perfect size for necessary toiletries for in flight.