Laguna 69

Lake 69 (spanish: laguna 69) is a small lake near of the city of Huaraz, in the region of ncash, Peru. It is one of the more than 400 lakes that form part of the.

Laguna 69 is located in the Huascaran National Park. It is a breath-taking turquoise lake that is literally hugged by snowy mountain peaks, jagged rocks, and trickling waterfalls some 4,600 metres above sea level.

Looking to trek up to Laguna 69 and not sure what to expect? Read our informative blog post which has all the information and tips you need to know.

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The trek to Laguna 69 is surely one of the best day walks in South America. The water is an amazing blue colour and the mountain scenery is jaw dropping! An offbeat journey around the world, infused with pop culture references and the occasional rant.

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Trekking Laguna 69 Independently. It is possible to get to Laguna 69 by public transport, using the collectivos which run from Huaraz to Yungay then taking another taxi or collectivo to the beginning of the Laguna 69 trek.

Laguna 69 sits at the base of a giant glacier in the Cordillera Blancas called, adorably, Pisco Peak. Its elevation is at approximately 15,000 feet, which is insane. At 15,000 feet of elevation, Laguna 69 sits higher than everywhere in the continental United States, and is a mere 2,000 feet below Base Camp on Everest.

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