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Home Mexico Scuba Diving & Snorkeling around isla mujeres. scuba Diving & Snorkeling around Isla Mujeres. Posted by Gary Chandler and liza prado. (The Lighthouse) and other spots near the northern end of the island, where the coral is decent but quite trafficked; afternoons are less.

You’ll find some additional places of interest nearby, including Punta Sur Lighthouse, which is a quarter mile away Isla Mujeres. Furthermore, you can consider heading to Ekab Maya Ruin , which is another attraction in the area.

Isla Blanca is located at the north end of the city, so drive along. the sea, the Cancun coastline, Isla Mujeres, Chacmuchuch Lagoon, and the best part:. The lighthouse is a silent witness to the history of the island, and this is.

Please help! I am trying to find basic information about the lighthouse if and when tours are available, how to get there etc.. Thanks!.

The celarain lighthouse (faro de Celarain) sits on the Punta Sur promontory (Punta Celarain) and is part of a nautical museum. Just northeast of it is the Caracol ( Tumba del Caracol ), a Maya building erected during the post-classic period.

There are three lighthouses on Isla, the largest is at Punta Norte, accross from the Posada Hotel, the second is at Punta Sur, and the third is el farito, which actually sits on a rock in the bay.

Consider staying on Isla Mujeres if you plan on visiting Punta Sur Lighthouse, as visitors to this area of Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean will have easy lighthouse access during their visit. There are a decent amount of lodgings in the district near this landmark.

Isla Mujeres has a richly layered history dating back more than a thousand years. At one time, it was a favorite haunt of pirates and marauding buccaneers. Before that, it was inhabited by the Maya, who considered the island a sanctuary for the moon goddess Ixchel.

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Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico is just a ferry ride away from Cancun, but a world away from the tourists. Explore. Lighthouse at Punta Sur.