Don t call it san fran

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While LA is used in Los Angeles, we don't call San Francisco SF and would probably get curious stares if you used SF. However, locals use.

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Referring to the City of San Francisco. Usually used by Inland or Southern Californians or other non-Bay Area natives. Even more annoying than calling it Frisco. Frisco is actually endearing by comparison. Duh, I’m going to San Fran.

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Anonymous asked: Word of advice: don’t call it San Fran.

They call it San Fran or Frisco (you’re right). They wonder what city people mean when they call it "the city". They wear shorts and tee shirts in the summer, and not jackets and jeans ("the coldest winter I ever had was a summer in San Francisco").

San Francisco has one of the most widely recognized skylines of any city in the world. That skyline has been transformed recently with the construction of the Salesforce Tower, a new skyscraper in the heart of the city’s Financial District. It has a rooftop height of 326 meters.

SAN FRAN. Never use these two words as a shortened version of San Francisco. It sounds as if you are trying to be hip and cool. Now, let’s check: Do you ever call New York just "York"? Nobody does. It just doesn’t sound nice.

Most destinations will ply you with a list of “must sees.” san francisco has a few ” don'ts” they'd like to share with you: Don't let San Francisco's famous inclines.

San Francisco, California in the United States has seen many nicknames over the years.. "Don't Call It Frisco: The History of San Francisco's Nicknames".

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